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Them Days Vol. 22 No. 2 SPECIAL ISSUE: Life in Voisey’s Bay – 1997

Stories in the Ground: Mining for History in Voisey’s Bay
Voiseys (ca 1833-1865)
The Zoar Years
Life in the Bay
In Northern Labrador (Wm. Brooks-Cabot)
The Voisey Homestead
F.M. Waugh
The Innu
Travel and Communication
Ghost Stories and Legends
Livin’ off the Land and the Sea
Game Laws
Store and Trade
Lumber and Water
Commander D.B. MacMillan
Medicines and Treatment
Others in the Bay
Shiftin’ Out
A Journey Home- 1996

Front cover: Voisey’s Bay c. 1927. Courtesy Peary MacMillan Arctic Museum, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine. L 1247.

Back cover: Houses overlooking Voisey’s Bay (the homes of Richard White, Amos Voisey, Abia Green and Thomas Flowers). F.M. Waugh photo. Courtesy National Museums of Canada.

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