Issue 37.1 - The Grand River

Vol.37, No.1


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Vol. 37, No. 1, 2013

These Days at Them Days – Aimee Chaulk
Project Assistant’s Note – Alicia Elson
1937 River Men and Height of Land Trappers
The River Runs Through It – Scott Neilsen
The Most Beautiful Years of My Life – Horace Goudie
Everyone Should Do It Once – Clarice Blake Rudkowski
Porcupine and Provisions – Horace Goudie
Henry Baikie: A Grand River Trapper – Leslie Baikie
Ira Best’s Journal
Secrets of the Height of Land – Sevilla Ainsley
Twenty-three Trips – Joe Goudie
It Was A Good Way to Live – Dick Budgell
Albert Peter Low and the Labrador Trappers – Hector Blake
Height of Lander Hijinks – Horace Goudie
The Best for Boils – Harold Baikie
Paddling Through Trappers’ Land – William H. Goodridge
The Falls Bottle – Alicia Elson
Visits to Churchill Falls – Lindsay Fraser
Changes – Ted Blake
I Don’t Think I’d Like to Build a Bridge Across – Clyde Saunders
I’ve Never Had a Fur Coat! – Merle Roberts
She was a Tough Woman – John Michelin
Wenowkupa Journal Outfit 1873
I Was Busy All the Time – Jim & May Baikie
That Was the Tradition – Edward Blake
Peggy’s Note – Wallace McLean
Too Rough for Me – John Blake and Mark Blake
Good News Travels…Slow?
A Close Call – Sidney Blake
Slackwaters – Hector Blake
She Was a Good Canoe, Boy – John Blake
Life on the Mishta-shipu – Elizabeth Penashue
Canoe-Making and Guiding – Joe Goudie
Sand Banks – Elizabeth Dawson
Sand Banks – Brian Michelin
Reflections on the Grand River – Sam Saunders
It Was an Awful Lonely Thing – Hayward Groves
Everybody Helped Each Other – Rose Montague
There was No Use in Crying – Harvey Montague
My Father Must Have Been Busy – Angela Andrew
The Strangest Goose I Ever Saw – Alvin Blake
It Was Perfect – Marion Broomfield
German U-Boat Acitivity in Labrador – Perry Trimper
Submarine at Muskrat Falls – Lee Parsons
I Liked Meeting People – Patrick Rich
Birch Island Life – Max Blake
John Island – Jim and Peggy Finta
Eskimo Island – Harry Mitsuk
Traverspine: A Special Place – Vera Butt
Traverspine Transfer of Lands
Letter to Grand River Pulp and Paper Co.
A Curious Light – Elizabeth Goudie and John Blake

Front cover: John Blake standing. Muskrat Falls. John Blake collection
Back cover: Grand River trappers nearing home. Postcard published by
Raphael Tuck and Sons, pre-1939. The Rooms Archives Division, A 51-39

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