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Them Days Vol. 41 No. 4 – 2017

These Days at Them Days – Janice Goudie
Honouring Inuit Women’s Leadership – Andrea Procter
Kitora Boase
Rose Webb
Silpa Edmunds
Bertha Andersen
Blanche “Harriet” Shiwak
Sarah Nochasak
Mary Andersen and Peace McNeill
Miriam Brown
Jenny Ikkusek
Eva Palliser
Charlotte Wolfrey
Mary Dicker
Ruth Flowers
Beatrice Watts
My Mother’s Kitchen – Rose Oliver
Mother’s New Washing Machine – Richard Learning
I’m a Woman of Labrador – Doris Saunders
Labrador Gallery:Women of Labrador
Creating Mokami Status of Women – Jade Rachwal
Readying for Change – Jade Rachwal
Funding for Libra House – Jade Rachwal
A Woman Was Just Like a Guy – Nishapet Penashue
Memories of St. Michael’s Bay – Sylvia Moore
The Foundation of the WI on the Labrador Straits – Helen Woodrow
Exhibiting Women of History
Some Things Will Never be Forgotten – Stella Fowler
Makin’ a Livin’ – Martha McDonald
Reflections of the Good Days – Andrea Procter

Front cover: Marion Bird. Grady, 1945. Courtesy of Willis Bird.
Back cover: First Labrador Company of Girl Guides. Cartwright, c.1940. Courtesy of Judy Pardy.

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