Vol. 41 No. 2



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Product Description

These Days at Them Days – Janice Goudie
Them Days’ New Board
McGrath Receives Isaac Rich Award
Family Donation
Going Home to Hebron – Ossie Michelin
No More She’ll Be Seen
Recalling the Sinking of The Carson – Janice Goudie
Carson Report Released
The MV William Carson
The Sinking Song
Summer Foods
Louie Montague’s Saddlebag – Elizabeth Dawson
The Last of the Height of Land Trappers – George Way
The Life of Horace Goudie – Vena Goudie
Nursing in Labrador – Janice Goudie
Connect the Dots – Chris Charland
Labrador Gallery: 50 years of Wabush 
Who What Where When Why?
Where in the World?
Summer Picnics – Richard Learning
My Grandma, Elizabeth Penashue – Roberta Pone
The First Voyage of the Avocation – Frank Pye
Notes on the Life of Richard White – Nigel Markham
Ostinitsu, Chief of the Barren Grounds Naskapi –  Richard White
Nurse Jupp and the Sorel – Jim Jones
Working to Make a Living – Krista Oxford
A Tribute to the Honourable William “Bill” Rompkey – Yvonne Jones
The Labrador Society of Ottawa – Allan Michelin
Then and Now 

Front cover: Horace Goudie in Voisey’s Bay after fishing season was closed. 1975. Photo courtesy of Vena Goudie.
Back cover: Men holding dried fish. Hopedale. Rev. S. Hettasch collection

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