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These Days at Them Days – Janice Goudie
UKâlalautta Inuttitut! Let’s Speak Inuktitut! – Ossie Michelin
Rigolet Inuktitut Dialect – Ellen Adams and Harriet Palliser
Olive Joyce Matthews
Teaching in the Dorm – Olive Joyce Matthews
Developments in North West River’s Education System – Kevin G. Ball.
Our community – Martha Andrews
The School – Ann Mistenapeu
Teaching in Sheshatshui – Hugh McGettigan
Stories of our Elders
Churchill The Mighty – Garfield Parsons
Teaching in Labrador West – Caroline Dobbin
Behind the Wheel – Dr. Harry Paddon
Journal of Rev. Henry Gordon
Our Little School – Marilyn Churley
Labrador Gallery: School Days
Who What Where When Why?
Where In The World
Mud Lake School Days – Robin Broomfield
The Heroism of William Jackman
The Gospel Messenger – Burton K. Janes
The Birch Island Bridge – Richard Learning
Growing Up on Birch Island – Helen Hickey
Discovering Birch Island – Bertha Holeiter
Labrador Through the Eyes of a Stamp Collector – Robin McGrath
Laundry – Lorimer Leroy Wright
Reflections on an Airline – Roger Pike
Digging Up Double Mer – Lisa Rankin
Then and Now

Front cover: Students of Mushuau Innu School, Davis Inlet dressed for their performance of Naked Davis, directed by Lou Byrne. 1981-82. Labrador North Creative Arts Festival.
Back cover: Moving of schoolhouse. Nain, 1936-37. Kate Hettasch collection.

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