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Issue 33.2

Two in One:  A Once in a Lifetime Thing

"We got to the other side and I was the first one ashore.  I tied on our dory and walked over to our traps.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen while trapping..."

- Evan Pye

The Big Catch

"Benny and I started the bet the next day.  It was muggy out, and the sun was beaming down on us and the flies were crazy.  That didn't stop us though, we were determined."

- Riley Mitchelmore

Aly's Ghost Story

"All of a sudden, the puppy was barking and barking at us.  We just yelled at the puppy to shhh and she wouldn't.  Then me and my cousin turned around slowly and the next thing we knew..."

- Allison Pasteen