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Issue 33.4

Lighthouse Keeper

"It didn't feel the same though when everything went fully automatic. It was better when you more or less had your work cut out for you, you had to watch that weather and you had to get that fog alarm back going..."

- Henry Fowler

I'd Still Kick A Football if I Could

"And when the evenings were light and long dying, you know, we didn't have supper real early in the industrial shop, so while we was waiting for supper, myself and another girl, we used to run across the harbour ice..."

- Millie Davis

Dr. Grenfell's Report

"The latest report from the deer herd is excellent. Another consignment has been sold to Lower Quebec. An option has been taken on yet another. Herders in plenty are forthcoming, and the government has passed a special law creating a reserve for them."

- David Davis