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Issue 35.4

Get Me to the Church on Time

"We got married in the little church there. They were building the dormitory and they'd got the downstairs pretty well done and the upstairs pretty well done, but they hadn't got the staircase finished. Nothing worries anybody there, so they put up a ladder. I picked up all my skirts and went up that ladder and climbed in up at the top."

- Sheila Paddon

Ghosts of HBC Servants

"As I got older, the story of Mr. Budgell stayed with me...The hair on the back of my neck would stand up, I would get cold shivers, and it felt like someone was watching me.

- Inez Shiwak

We Just Lived Off the Land

"My doctor asked me, how come you're so healthy? I told him it's due to my Inuit blood and Inuit diet. Bear, porcupine, rabbit, and even porpoise! He said, 'You ate Flipper?'"

- Audrey Wiggins