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The Virtual War Memorial Project

The Project has created a Virtual War Memorial for all those Labradorians who served in World War I, World War II and the Korean War.
This was originally established to help publicise the planning for the Labrador War Memorial in Cartwright. Now that this first objective has been accomplished we will maintain this website as a virtual war memorial for those who cannot visit the monument in person.

Our Objectives are:

To ensure that our lists of those who served are comprehensive and complete so that they can be placed on a permanent monument;

To enlist the aid of the general public in acquiring photos and information to go on the website;

To present a permanent memorial to those who served, and in particular to those who paid the supreme sacrifice.

Help us fill in the blanks

Please take a look at our memorial pages and help us find the pictures that are missing and better pictures for those that are faded and blurred. We also need biographical and anecdotal information to make the memorials complete.

The Permanent War Memorial

Until the summer of 2005, with the exeception of the generic cenotaphs of the Royal Canadian Legion Branches, there was no monument in Labrador to honour the memory of those many Labradorians who served in those terrible conflicts of World War I, World War II and the Korean War.

This has now been rectified. Thanks to the generous contribution of Branch 51 of the Royal Canadian Legion in Happy Valley; The Town Council of Cartwright; and Rev. Graham Hill of St Peter's Parish in Cartwright a permanent memorial was erected there and dedicated in September 2005. The monument honours the memory of all Labradorians who volunteered their services to preserve our liberty in those terrible wars, and in the United Nations and NATO peacekeeping operations since then.

We hope that eventually plaques will be mounted on the monument that will carry the names of those Labrador warriors who served in those wars. Your assistance is needed to make this project a success. We must make sure that we have all the names of those volunteers. If you wish to contribute some of your time and energies to ensure that we have collected all the names of those who served, please contact us.


  Help us with
  Unidentified Photographs


Wherever possible we will record the appropriate credits for all photographs and information that is used on this website. However, in almost all cases the original photographer or the current owner is not known. If anyone has information that we should list as credits we will be most pleased to do so. We wish to thank Francis Patey for the use of his book, "Veterans of the North", in which many of the photos that we have used were found. Copies of other photos were found at Branch 51 of the Royal Canadian Legion in Happy Valley.

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