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Pre World War I

Sampson Hamel Hamel, Samson Sam Mesher Mesher, Samuel Freeman Saunders Saunders, Freeman

World War I


Info Only logo Ash, Albert
Archibald Ash, RNR Ash, Archibald
John Charles Barney, RN Barney, John Charles
William Barney Barney, Wm. H.
Silas Bird Bird, Silas
John Bkaje Blake, John
David Bulger Bolger, David
No photo available Bradbury, George
No photo available Bright, Peter
Robert Brown, RN Brown, Robert M
No photo available Butt, John Charles.
No photo availableCanning, Ambrose W.
Tom Coombs Coombs, Thomas G.
No photo available Curl, John
No photo available Davis, Charles
No photo available Dunn, Isaac
Albert Elson Elson, Albert John
No photo available Flagg, Jonathan
No photo available Flowers, Thomas
Abe Ford Ford, Abram
Joe Ford Ford, James
No Photo available Ford, John Ames
Fred Freida Freida, Frederick
No photo available Gear, Edward


No photo available Goudie, James
Ted Green Green, Edward J
Dan Groves Groves, Daniel
No photo available Groves, Henry
Harry Hedderson Hedderson, Harry
Jim Holwell Holwell, James
Ted Hull Hull, Harvey
John James, RN James, John
No photo available Kippenhook, John
Job Lane
Lane, Job
No photo available Learning, Francis
Bob Learning Learning, Robert G.
No photo available Lloyd, Robert
David Martin Martin, David
Frank Martin Martin, Frank
No photo available Martin, Henry
Jim Martin Martin, James
No photo available McDonald, Stephen
Willy McKenzie McKenzie, William
Murdock McLean McLean, Murdock
Charles Mesher Monument Mesher, Charles
Michelin, Charles
James Job Michelin Michelin, Job


Bob Michelin Michelin, Robert
No photo available Millic, Abia
Austin Pardy Pardy, Austin
Manuel Pardy Pardy, Manual
No photo available Poole, Arthur
Levi Pottle Pottle, Levi
Hayward Pye Pye, Hayward
No photo available Pye, Lawrence
No photo available Pye, Walter
Esau Roberts Roberts, Esau
Henry Thomas Roberts, CEF Roberts, Henry Thomas
John Shiwak, RNR Shiwak, John
Poppy Smith, Edward
Alf Snook Snook, Alfred
No photo available Stevens, James
No photo available Stone, Charles
No photo available Swaffield, James S.
No photo available Swaffield, Wilfred
Poppy Toumishey, George
Bill Tracey Tracey, William
White, Richard
No photo available Williams, John
No photo available Winters, William J.


This is a draft of the nominal rolls and as such there are probably errors, omissions and duplications. If you spot any of these please get in touch with us with your corrections. Also, our biographical information is sketchy and will probably remain so until we can examine the personal files at the National Archives.

The WWI list is very nearly complete. The WWII and Korea lists have only just been started. We want to include everyone whom we know to have been born in Labrador as well as those who gave their home address as Labrador upon enlistment. If anyone knows of people whose names are not included here please get it touch with us:

Most of the pictures in this collection are of very poor quality because they were copied from books. Eventually we hope to be able to get copies of original photographs.

If you have photographs that you would like to have incuded here you may either send them to us by regular post or have them scanned and attached them to e-mails. When scanning for transmission by e-mail, the optimum configuration for pictures is 200 dpi and a width of 325 pixels (the height will take care of itself). Pictures larger than that will take a long time to transmit. If they are smaller we can enhance them but some of the quality may be lost. When scanning very small photographs use a higher resolution and send them at the scanned width.

Pictures sent by regular mail will be copied and the originals either returned to sender if this is your wish, or otherwise sent to the Them Days Magazine Archives.

We would also like to include anecdotal information on these personal pages, so please send along any stories that you think should be included in the personal histories.

If you have pictures that you would like to add to these memorial pages please get in touch with us at:

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