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Many people are familiar with and treasure the public output of Them Days Inc. – Them Days magazine – but for those who want to dig a little deeper, the Them Days Archive proves to be a veritable gold mine of information.

Our archive had its humble beginnings in 1984.  Twenty-five years later, in 2009, construction was underway for a new extension to the Them Days building, intended specifically for the Archive.  The new extension is temperature- and humidity-controlled, and is equipped with an archive-safe fire suppression system.  Its new shelving units are stronger, and unlike the old ones, they don’t sag under the weight of their contents.  There is enough space for years of growth, and the contents are preserved for generations to come.

The Archive expansion was accompanied by a renovation of the main building, and the old archive and archive workroom were turned into a new reading room.  Our buildng was also made wheelchair accessible.

This extension and renovation was made possible by a variety of support, from governments, private companies, organizations and our individual supporters.