Issue 12.4 - On the Goose

Vol. 12, No. 4 – On the Goose


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Them Days Vol. 12 No. 4 SPECIAL ISSUE: On the Goose – 1987

Open Scrub Plain; Conjectures – Catherine Nardy Bruce
CUNJECTURES – Catherine Nardy Bruce
Search for The Goose
Sid, Dan, & Robert
Chasing Rum Runners – Lorna Fleming
Quest For a Northern Route – Alexander Forbes
Report To Washington D.C. – Elliot Roosevelt
Privy Council No. 6291
‘Twas Just Our Little World – Herb Webber, John Montague
A Man & A Camp Axe – Gregory Clark
America’s Vulnerable Sector – B.J. McQuaid
We Grabbed The Chance – Isaac Rich
First Commanding Officer Report, Sep. ’41-’42 – W.J. McFarlane
Wonderful Good Gand of Men – John Michelin
NWR & RCAF Helped Eachother – Bella Shouse
Not A Bite Of Meat – Llewelyn & Clarice Hopkins
A Hell Of An Uproar – Tom Pardy
Interesting Times – A.C. Hawken
As Afraid Of Us As We Were Of Them – Mary Clark
Salmon & Subs – George Shiwak
War Comes To Hamilton Inlet – Elliot Merrick
42 Years On The Goose – Robert Davis
Ferry Command Begins – Tom M. McGrath
Labrador’s Contribution – Lester Burry
Battle Dress & Sealskin Boots – Lee White
‘Forward Pedague’ A0P 677 – Leonard Adams
Commanding General’s Doghouse – B.R.J. Hassell
The Army At Rigolet – Mary Flowers
Killing Boredom – Lewis Haddlesey
Newfoundland Ranger No. 79
Torpedo Junction – Harold Horwood
I Wasn’t Wanted Here – John C. Davis
A Big Help – Celesta Acreman
Sgt. John MacPherson
First Re-enlistment On The Goose – Thomas Tyson
Sure Busted Things – W.A. Shields
Egg Drop
The RCAF Flying Arm – Barney Hartman
Makkovik Fire
CAVU – Ceiling & Visibility Unlimited – Ken Johnstone
G/C Leigh, McGee Trophy
Spectacular Arrival Of The Jet Age – Gene. B. Stafford
Goose Remembered By A Boy Of Six – Peter Robertson
The Lease
U.S Otter Salvage
Alone Among Hundreds – Leonard McNeill
The Boys From The USA – Harvey Mesher
Only 75 Females – Lydia Francoeur Bradley
Never A Finer Group Of Men – Frank Ball
I Wanted To Stay – Paul Jandacek
How Could We Forget – Betty West
An Okay Place To Grow Up – Juanita Godwin Johnson
The Nicest People – Minnie Hefler
Third Street Society – James B. Knapp
Transportation Man – Hank Shouse
Birth Of The ‘Dog’ – Jim Carradice
An Inferno
Returned To Goose To Say Thank You – W.C. Sellars
Remembrances Of Goose Bay – Benton Fielder, Jr.
Goose, Best Kept Secret – Fred Loxton
‘Check Point’ Civilian Store Point – Pardy, Shiwak, Pike, Saunders
’70s Different Altogether – Clarice & Llewelyn Hopkins
Changing Times
SAC; Goodbye To The Goose
Postscript – Col. John David
Expressions, Abbreviations, & Acronyms
Bibliography and References

Front cover: Liberator aircraft. Goose Bay, May 1943. Ronny Jacques/DND/Public Archives Canada/PA-153977
Goose Bay crest, C1944. Collection of A.C. Hawken
Back cover: A paving crew working on runway No.3. Goose Bay, 1942. Stanley Brooks photo.

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