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Them Days Vol. 30 No. 2 SPECIAL ISSUE: Stories of the Mealy Mountains Akamiuapishku – 2006

These days at THEM DAYS – Lorne Hollett
Introduction – Janet Dyson
Foreword – Joe Goudie
Feasibility Study – Parks Canada
An Excellent Idea – Chesley Lethbridge
Inuit Occupation – Richard Jordan
Pre-Contact Archaelogy – Fred Schwarz
I’d Sooner Be Here – Hubard Palliser
Life in Akaniuapishku – Pien Penashue
The Late Matiu Nuna
Special Places – Peter Armitage
The late Mishen Pasteen
Innu Camp – Horace Goudie
He Gave Us All Four Legs – Frank Hope
Quite a Lot of Caribou – John Martin
It Was Kind of a Hard Hunting Trip – Edward Blake
I used to go in to Peter Lucy’s Brook – Bert Allen
My Grandfather, Stanley Mesher – Sam Saunders
Owl Brook Trapper – Lewis Brown
History is Made – Susan Felsburg
They Put Their Mill in Kenemich – Wallace McLean
I Had a Lot of Brothers and Sisters – Annie Blake
The Body was Never Found – Malcolm Pardy
I Had a Hell of a Time – Clarence Brown
I’m Registered as Born in Kenemich – Max McLean
My Family Came to This Area 1834 – Norman Lethbridge
Nothing Holds a Candle to the Eagle – Tony Barnum
‘Twas a Pretty Good Life – Ken Martin
Huntin’ & Fishin’ – Harriet White
British Schools Expedition – Richard Bill
Over 65 Years Trapping – Ron Lethbridge
My Trapping Began at Age 7 – Woodrow Lethbridge
Sounds Carry Real Good through Snow – Horace Goudie
I’m So Glad I Took the Time – Anthony Elson
That’s About the Best Job I Ever Had – Alvin Blake
Mining Exploration in the Mealy Mountains – John Gittens
We’d Walk Three Hours to the Caribou Grounds – Dan Shiwak
I Loved Hunting on the Mountains – Perry Michelin
Mother’s Ghost Stories – Sevilla Ainsley
Walking in His Father’s Footsteps – Jim Learning Jr.

Front cover: Ponas Antoine, canoeing between Sheshatshiu and North West River, c. 1930. Photo Monsignor Edward O’Brien.

Back cover: Mealy Mountains in September. Memekueshu-nipi (Cave Creature Lake). Photo Gary Pittman, Parks Canada.

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