Private Austin Pardy



Austin Pardy
Royal Newfoundland Regiment

Son of Andrew and Mary Ann Pardy
Table Bay, Labrador

Enlisted: 11 November 1916
Age 23 Years, 4 Months
Embarked on Florizel 31 Jan 1917
Embarked for BEF 11 June 1917
Joined unit in field 2 July 1917
Wounded in right leg 9 December 1917
Taken Prisoner of War 9 December 1917
Released 20 December 1918
Posted to Nfld. demobilization 24 Jan 1919
Arrived Nfld. 17 March 1919
Discharged 15 July 1919

Austin Pardy had the distinction of being the only one of the Labrador soldiers in WWI to have been taken Prisoner of War, and also the only one to bring home a war bride.


Betty and Austin Pardy

Beatrice (Whittle) and Austin Pardy shortly after their marriage in 1919

Attestation form

Report-missing in action

Notification of POW

Address of POW

Notification of POW wounding

Pay voucher for POW

Notice of repatriation

Letter from King George


Authorization to Marry

Betty Whittle with her truck

Betty Whittle with the truck she drove for the RAF during the war. c 1918

(Visit the War Brides Website at

travel pay voucher

The memo pictured above is instructions for the paymaster to issue travel
allowance to these four soldiers returning to their homes in Labrador.


The two pages which follow are an affidavit that all former Prisoners of War were
required to submit detailing their experiences and treatment following capture.

Post discharge affidavid p1

Post discharge affidavit p2


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